Celebrating the feminine in all people everywhere through art and education

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Veronica Women's Theatre, an intergenerational company of women ages 16-77, which presents mythic performances around the world.

The Gateway Ceremony Workshop for girls women and elderwomen together celebrating the circle of womanhood.

"In All Faces", an audio recording of mystical ancient and modern music and poetry for the soul's journey.

"A Girl's Gateway to Womanhood, a Rite of Passage Guidebook for Girls and Women"

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The name Veronica came to our founder in a dream. From the latin, vera iconica, it means true image, each soul's true image.  Knowing ourselves and our soul's truth is a daring challenge.  Veronica Sacred Arts supports this challenge particularly for girls and women.

We are comprised of three circles working toward new and supportive ways of interacting:

Our "youthful aspect", Veronica Women's Theatre Company,  is comprised of 8 (at present) white women who tour with the performances and workshops. The members focus on performing the archetypes from their own inner truth.

Our "mother group", Board of Directors manages the policy and administrative requirements of Veronica Sacred Arts, Inc.  We gather monthly to meditate, listen to each other, and attend to our current integrity with our mission.

Our "elders", Advisory Board of Directors, consists of women and men who hold the universal vision for a balanced, peaceful, more inclusive world for girls and women. They offer support and strength when needed.

The company, under its former name Theatres for the Earth, performed the first version of the currently produced fairy tale for the Parliament of the World's Religions in Chicago, 1993. The company re-assembled under the new name in 1996. Since then, we have given celebrated performances and workshops in the United Kingdom, and in the US, including a grand performance at The Sacred Circles Conference, Washington National Cathedral.
Since the company members are living the mysteries of the archetypes we perform, our circle work together keeps the work fresh and authentic. It is our joy to perform in sacred spaces, and to offer our workshops for girls, women and elderwomen. Our audiences and workshop attendees continue to enjoy Veronica's offerings. 
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Frederica Chapman, Founder/Director, and former psychotherapist, devotes herself now to performance with  Veronica Women's Theatre, and to the  administration for the organization. Her works were given at the 1991 Earth Summit in Rio de Janiero, and the 1992 Parliament for the World's Religions in Chicago. With Veronica Sacred Theatre, and with The Gateway Workshops, the joy and beauty of the sacred feminine reaches churches, cathedrals, sanctuaries, conferences, schools, and universities worldwide. See Founder's Story

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