The sound design for The Princess and The Old Goddess includes choir accompaniment, sound effects and atmospheric music. The instrumental accompaniment within the piece includes the American mountain dulcimer, bells, bowls, chimes, and hand drums.

Chant Choirs: Chants that were created hundreds of years ago, have not changed. Hildegard von Bingen's inspirational hymns, and several Gregorian chants are among the exhilarating music of The Princess and The Old Goddess. Veronica facilitates the inclusion of singers local to the performances to sing this extraordinary music with the company. Our choir director is well experienced in bringing voices together in serenity and unison, and the overall performance enrichens. We have had as many as 22 women's voices in our choirs!

It always enhances the work when local instrumentalists offer to perform with the company. If you are interested in participating, Please contact Veronica Women's Theatre for the calendar of events.


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