Praise for Veronica Women's Theatre

Frederica Chapman and the Veronica Women's Theatre group returned to
Valdosta for the second year in a row to perform at the Valdosta State
University Women's Studies Conference and Church of the King Episcopal
Church. Ms. Chapman and her group continue to inspire and revolutionize the
way we think about academics, spirituality and life goals. Whether through
one-on-one conversations, Circle Workshops, or a professional theatrical
performance such as "The Princes and The Old Goddess". Ms. Chapman's energy, clarity and creativity touches all who come, and all are left feeling lighter, happier and empowered to explore new directions, to re-think, reflect and re-work their current paths.

Susan Wehling, Acting Department Head
Department of Modern and Classical Languages
Valdosta State University
Valdosta, Georgia

"More than anyone I have encountered over the past 2 decades, Frederica Chapman carries the flame of persistence in her seeking of the true feminine--the one from which we all spring, both male and female. In these times when we are bombarded with the harsh voice of the destructive warrior --Veronica Women's Theatre shines a light on hope in the deepest part of our souls----where the spiritual warrior resides. Where would we be without that?"

Ann Quinlan, Executive Board
Direct CareGivers Association

Dear Frederica, 

It was a pleasure for me to see you recently and witness your exquisite new piece. "Face of the Soul". I would say you have certainly succeeded in turning your vision into a reality. What you are doing with your Theatre is making it possible for many to literally see the beauty and meaning of the inner mysteries of life. There is perhaps nothing more important in our time than a clearer understanding of the true nature and destiny of the soul. And this is what the play provides. 

The reverent and prayerful approach used in presenting the play creates a mood for going beyond our daily, temporal concerns and enables us to enter a realm where the eternal breaks through and reveals the wonder of wholeness. The archetypal figures and symbols used speak to all of us, women, men, and children, about our deeper identity, and give a sense of holiness to all of life.

This play will bring people together with its insightful presentation of the common journey of the soul, as it makes its way across this physical plane and through the stages of life, and back to God. The hymns of Hildegard von Bingen add a celestial feeling to the entire presentation. Most important, a deeper understanding of the feminine, which the play artfully conveys, is essential in bringing harmony and balance to our world.

I wish you continuing success in enriching the lives of audiences everywhere.

Warmest regards,

--Robert Atkinson, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor, and Director Center for the Study of Lives

"What struck me most about the performance was what was happening with me internally. At the beginning I was watching and trying to figure our what was happening with my intellect. It felt like a struggle. Then when the narrator was talking to the girl about what her life would be, something changed. My intellect gave way and I began to experience the performance deep within. From then on, it was if I were in the performance and it was speaking to me about my life. I have a hunch that if I were to see this same performance at different times of my life, that it would speak to me as needed at those times"

--Susan Mullins, Pastor

"Faces in the Stone gives embodiment to the divine feminine in all of us through the mediums of dance and music. It is rare and truly sacred."

--The Reverend Thomas Luck, S. Mary's Episcopal Church,Falmouth, Maine

"For me, the genius of her vision lies in its incorporation of psychotherapeutic archetypes into beautiful dance-drama. They speak to deeply-sensed realities for women and girls, and are presented in non-threatening, evocative ways. I could foresee Veronica Women's Theatre collaborating with churches to offer performances and workshops which would provide lasting benefits for everyone, speaking directly to females and indirectly to males, enabling the latter to become better in touch with their feminine sides."

- Reverend Elizabeth Lameyer Gilmore, Episcopal Rector

"I believe Frederica Chapman has begun a superb work. She beautifully mirrors the feminine, and guided by courage from her own natural depths, she is gently and thoughtfully educating and guiding women as she prepares to offer them the gift of sacred drama."

- Sr. Ann Loritano, Sister of Mercy

"We were privileged to have Veronica Women's Theatre with us this evening with the production of "Faces In the Stone". I found that the journey of the princess as she followed her dream out from the confines of the palace into the wildness of the forest and gradually growing into full fruitfulness a powerful symbol for the call of the church today. I feel the spirit is calling us to listen and embrace the voice of the feminine and of vision and creativity so that as male and female we can walk together in harmony with God's dream. The chants, music, movement and costumes all combined to make this a beautiful, moving and uplifting experience. "

- Father Andy Leahy C.C., Kildare Ireland

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