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An owl flew silently into her dream to tell her about a journey that was hers alone.
She liked doing what she liked.
. . .because it was dressing time, and no time for dreams.
She Should.
The queen expected her daughter to copy her doing and her thinking.

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. . .and she ran away.
She had no idea where she was going.
. . . .clinging to the one solid thing, the trunk of the tree, she fell asleep.
They were women with vessels, each with a purpose.
The women were gathering apples.

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She was there amongst them! She was one of them!
Reluctantly, she offered them out to the girl.
The old woman waited, her hands on the vessel, her eyes on the woman's soul.
Empty-handed, the old woman turned.
With her cane in hand, she left.

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$75 - 5 x 7 photographs
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"A Girl's Gateway To Womanhood:
A Rite of Passage Guidebook for girls and Women"

A 72-page booklet
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Photo Greeting Cards

Size: 3&1/2" by5"
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Veronica Sacred Arts T-Shirt

Choice of white or blue print on teal t-shirt, Sixes S, M, L and XL.


"Women at the Well" "Saint Brigid"

Veronica Sacred Prints

"Women at the Well" 
5" by 7" matted, $15

"Saint Brigid"
5" by 7" matted, $15

Masks of Nature

Individual mask,$6
Set of first four, $18
Set of eight, $32

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