Veronica Women's Theatre
elebrating stories of our souls, of our earth, of our connectedness

"Once upon a time, long ago and far away, there was a noble king. Every year at the Festival of Union he would bathe in the waters from the well. The waters were thought to be the spirit presence of the earth, of the Old Goddess herself. At the well, three uncommon women with shining vessels constantly presided giving sustenance for the soul's journey to all who came. In those times, the land was lush and green, and the harvests were abundant. The Old Goddess was satisfied.

There came a time when the king wanted all the power for himself, power over the well and power over the land. His influence was so strong that the three women yielded, put down their vessels and left. The people surrendered their natural way of life, and went into servitude. The Old Goddess and the way of giving and receiving at the well were forgotten.

All that was green turned brown, the well began to dry, ravens flocked around the king's castle in raucous contest over food, the crops withered and the people feared for their lives. There seemed to be nothing anyone could do."

It follows that the princess receives a message from an owl who invites her to follow him. She goes to the well, rebuilds it, the water bubbles up again, the women return, she learns from the maiden, mother and elder woman, and receives her own vessel. The wheel turns, the elder passes away, and the princess enters the cycle of womanhood. Here's the ending:

"The story lives on about the owl that visited the ancient castle in the time of the king's oppression. To the princess, the owl had been her dream, her knowing, which of course was not enough. She had to have the courage to go. She had to have the heart. She had to have the trust to follow her longing, which she did.

And because of this. . . the king again bathed at The Festival of Union, the waters flowed, the trees greened, and the apples ripened. The Old Goddess was satisfied."

"The Princess and The Old Goddess" This is the mythic story of a princess who departs from all she knows to make a journey. She deepens into her feminine energies by listening to the women at the well of the spirit. She sleeps and dreams of an owl, the moon.. Thus nourished, she wishes to be blessed, and to enter the circle of women. She accepts the vessel of the maiden, and watches the passing of the other vessels as the wheel of time turns, and the old woman departs. She enters into the flow of her own life force, her own greening tree. The inner feminine is now connected to the masculine, as the girl, replete in her womanliness, stands in her own tree of life, reaching toward the sky, centered in her own true image, her vera iconica.

Our professional touring company, Veronica Women's Theatre, celebrates stories of our souls, of our earth, of our connectedness through performances in churches and for conferences around the world. We are a diverse company of women from the ages of 16-77. We draw from the riches of woman's past. Our voices chant ancient text and modern, our feet trace the ageless circles and our hands spin new stories from the old: images to touch the senses, to inspire the soul. As a means of furthering community, we invite women local to our performances to chant in our choir.

We would be delighted to work with you in sponsoring a production for your church, sanctuary, or for a conference on women, the earth, or spirituality; Or if you would like to receive a promo video of a production, please call or e-mail us.

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