The Gateway Ceremony Workshop
For girls, women and elderwomen together
celebrating the circle of womanhood

Calling all girls and women for the passing of wisdoms in an intergenerational celebration! We will have time alone with our own stories, time with our own generation, and time all three together, ending in a joyous ceremony to welcome the girls to womanhood. Engagingly led by Frederica Chapman and some of the cast of Veronica Women's Theatre, this is a brilliant opportunity for awakening to our deep sense of belonging.

"It was really fun and beautiful", a girl
"It was wonderful having the women of Veronica at the Waldorf School of Baltimore." a mother
"It went deep to the heart and soul." a grandmother

"Unlike most of us who live ritual at an unconscious level or spurn it altogether, Frederica believes in its power to guide our lives. She designs a ritual for the passage from girlhood to womanhood - a time completely neglected by our culture. It feels brave to do this and reflects her optimism and creativity.'" Jane Burdick, Feldenkrais practitioner

"The Gateway creates an opening through which young women can express their feeling about growing older comfortably and decide what it is about becoming a woman that they want to celebrate."   Jessica Carol Dowdy, 17

"Frederica Chapman brings an essential gift to young women and to the elder women who love them. When genuinely experienced, rites of passage bestow maturity on the individual and on the culture."  Marion Woodman, Jungian analyst and author

The Gateway Ceremony Workshops are day-long, but can be half-day.

Naturally, the longer the time, the deeper the change-experience.
The workshops are given for:
Girls' schools
College womens' studies classes
Women's groups
Church groups  

The fee is $1000 for a day. We willingly adjust our fees on individual bases in order to bring this work to you. Please call us to discuss your organization's needs.

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Frederica Chapman, Director
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